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ALL OF OUR PR ODUCTS, except otherwise specified, have the following INGREDIENTS: Wheat Flour (GLUTEN), White Chocolate (MILK , SOYA), Sugar, EGG, Vegetable Oil, Buttermilk (MILK), Salt. Made in a kitchen which also handles CEREALS CONTAINING GLUTEN, EGGS, FISH GELATINE, MILK , NUTS, SESAME, SOYA, AND SULPHITES. Suitable for vegetarians. Does not contain alcohol. Flavour Variations: Cinnamon Rolls: Butter (MILK), Sugar, Ground Mixed Spice, Cornflour, Ground Cinnamon Biscoff: Biscoff Spread (GLUTEN, SOYA), Biscoff Biscuit (GLUTEN, SOYA) Brownies and blondies (swirled with brownie batter and Nutella, and stuffed with Kinder and Oreos): Brownie batter (EGG, GLUTEN, MILK , SOYA), Nutella (MILK , NUTS, SOYA), Kinder Chocolate (MILK , SOYA), Oreo Biscuits (GLUTEN, SOYA) Black Forest: Cherry Amaretto, Glace Cherries, (EGG, GLUTEN, MILK , SOYA) Everything with Kinder: White Chocolate Hazelnut Spread (MILK , NUTS, SOYA), Kinder Chocolate (MILK , SOYA), White Kinder Bueno (GLUTEN, MILK , NUTS, SOYA), Milk Chocolate (MILK) Lemon Curd: Lemon Curd (EGG, MILK, SULPHITES), Lemon Extract, White Chocolate Spread (MILK , SOYA), Mini Sprinkles (GLUTEN) Milkybar: White Chocolate Spread (MILK , SOYA), Milkybar (MILK) Nutella Kinder: Nutella (MILK , NUTS, SOYA), Kinder Chocolate (MILK , SOYA), Milk Chocolate (MILK) Oreo: Chocolate Spread (MILK), Oreo Biscuits (GLUTEN, SOYA), Milk Chocolate (MILK) Peanut Butter: Peanut Butter (NUTS), Peanut M&Ms (MILK , NUTS, SOYA), Reese’s Cups (MILK , NUTS, SOYA) Rolo: Caramel (MILK), Nestle Rolos (MILK), Milk Chocolate (MILK) Strawberry White Chocolate: Strawberry J am, Strawberry Flavoured White Chocolate (MILK , SOYA) Carrot Cake: (EGG, GLUTEN, MILK , SOYA) Milk Chocolate (MILK)


*Photos are for representation purposes only. Products may differ slightly as they are all handmade to order.

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